Interior Stairs in Wood

THE ESCADARTE bet on innovation and quality in the construction of interior wooden stairs, with the aim of satisfying its customers. The promise of increasingly qualified products is a short, medium and long term goal.

Origin of Escadarte

It was on March 1, 1976 that Fernando Sucena Duarte, ventured into his own business plan, founding a carpentry shop in Avelãs de Caminho, Portugal.

There were 4 employees who manufactured all types of carpentry in the most varied exotic woods.
With the development of the economy, small carpentry began to differentiate itself in the manufacture of interior wooden stairs.

The investment in technology and in the training of its employees, which have increased over the years, has made the company grow and succeed in the market.

But emerging markets are increasingly demanding and competition has become a constant challenge. It is then that, in 1998, the ESCADARTE.
Now composed of 3 partners, Fernando Sucena Duarte and his 2 children.

The good environment, the qualification of the product, the efficiency and effectiveness of our responses to the consumer, have been determining factors of change.


To be recognized as a company of excellence for its high quality products, with a commitment to sustainable development and continuous process improvement.

The responsibility to offer innovation, exceeding consumer expectations with differentiated products, creating value for our customers and partners.


Respect for the customer
Excellence and quality
Creating value for the consumer
Business sustainability

Feeling Stair

With the support of Architects and Designers, we develop your project, just for you.

Because your stairs adapt to your home and your life. Show us your challenge, we will respond with the right solution for you, based on rigor, inspiration and absolute originality.


As long as there is life, trying again, rebuilding is what encourages us.

Develop your reconstruction project with us
We have specialists with the ability to accurately and objectively assess the process of rebuilding your staircase.

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